Ideas for Bangor by 2020

1. Google Fiber

Some cities have started to offer this amazing service, and it’s definitely an attraction. It would make a difference for person to decide whether to live in Brewer or Bangor if they had the option of stupendously fast internet. As we know, more people would result in more property tax, and as Ben Sprague said, that’s basically how Bangor survives with its budget.

2. Bus from Orono to downtown Bangor

Personally, I enjoy the Bangor bar scene. It’s fun and exciting and different than the Roost/Woodman’s/Bear Brew, but a taxi ride is at least $25 dollars and I’m not going to ask a friend to drive back and forth to pick us up. A bus from Bangor to Orono picking people up that would be funded by a number of groups to cut costs would be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

3. Minor League Teams

Drawing a minor league baseball team or sharing home games with the Red Claws would bring money into the city. Not only that, but excitement that comes along with winning. Having professionals or semi professional players in the area would bring a lot of community service hours and make Bangor a name for itself outside of Maine and parts of Canada.

4. City Database

One of the parts of the Bangor 2020 that I’m working hands-on with is getting together a list of all the parks in the city. I couldn’t find that on the Bangor city website and I think that’s an issue. There should be a centralized website managed by the city, not a third party, that has every cities attraction listed.

5. Parks

One part of the aforementioned parks piece that I mentioned above, is doing a rating system of the parks. A revamping of some of the parks seems necessary to bring them up to a new standard of beauty for Bangor in the year 2020.