My 5 Things to Improve Bangor

Today, there are many things that could help improve Bangor.

1.  I am very interested in the arts and fusing an art flair to Bangor.  Being from Belfast that does a lot with arts, it helped me think of some ideas. One idea that I would love to see is “Arts in the Park.”  This can also utilize parks and get people outdoors.  What happens is this: local artists put their art out for display and for sale and the community can go and have a good time.  What also attracts locals is the cookout offered. Something like this can get local artists noticed by the community, which can help foster artists and shift Bangor to become the artsy city it wants to become.

2.   I feel right now there is a gap between the mall area and downtown Bangor.  I wish there was some way to connect the two.  We already have a bus system, but I feel the times are inconvenient.  It would be a great idea for a bus to be funded that is on the hour to take people from the mall area to downtown.

3. Bangor needs and icon.  It has been mentioned that Paul Bunyan could be placed as little statues around Bangor, but I was thinking along the lines of Stephen King.  As a Maine native and a resident I think it would be cool to pay homage to him. King has donated a lot of money and funded many school, so why not acknowledge his contributions?  The statues could be of him or of his characters to remind us of the great books he has written.  How cool would it be to see little statues around Bangor of characters he created?

4. Right now the River City Cinema does not have their own location.  I think if the cinema had its own place in Bangor it would be even more popular.  The showings they put out on Pickering Square are cool and they should still do that, but they should have their own location aside from that.

5.  My last thing is more sidewalks, especially in the mall area.  In class it has been discussed, but I really think the mall area could be improved if it was walkable in certain areas.  By the mall there are some strip malls with restaurants (by Best Buy and around Uno’s).  I think it would be convenient for sidewalks to be built so people can walk around that area without feeling as though they have to drive from one spot to another.  If there were more sidewalks it would not just make the mall area more walk accessible, but may help some of those restaurants attract more business.

Those are my 5 ideas to help improve Bangor by 2020.