Sprague details importance of developing city’s technology

Earlier this year, City Council Chairman Ben Sprague shared a document detailing ideas he hoped would bring more people to work and live in Bangor. The document, “A population growth strategy for Bangor,” shared a few challenges that Bangor has had to tackle in the past few years. Sprague listed some of his ideas for solving these […]

5 Things I would want Bangor to have by 2020

1. Create a small venue for emerging musicians to perform The Cross Insurance Center and Bangor’s Waterfront Concerts Series provide spaces for top artists to perform. What about encouraging the development of a space for emerging musicians from across the nation to perform? Other cities have small venues that create a personal, up-close atmosphere but with […]

Council chair Sprague talks Bangor, public WiFi at UMaine

By Liam Nee (@LiamNee) Last week, Bangor City Council chairman Ben Sprague spoke to a University of Maine journalism capstone class partnering with the Bangor Daily News on Bangor2020, a project aimed at making the city of Bangor a more livable city. Sprague’s recently published “38 ideas to attract entrepreneurs, families to the Queen City” […]

Bangor waterfront improving noise issues one decible at a time

The Bangor Waterfront is the venue for concerts throughout the year helping to sustain Bangor’s economy, but not without residential complaints. In 2005, The American Folk Festival was held at the waterfront, beginning an era of events being hosted on the banks of the Penobscot River. “The Folk Festival has been a catalyst for waterfront […]

Bangor’s youth movement

By Jon Ouellette Bangor City Council Chairman Ben Sprague knows he can’t form a better future for his hometown by his lonesome. What he is familiar with, however, is which portion of the population will have the most impact on where Maine’s Queen City will be in the next six years. If Bangor is to […]

My 5 Things to Improve Bangor

Today, there are many things that could help improve Bangor. 1.  I am very interested in the arts and fusing an art flair to Bangor.  Being from Belfast that does a lot with arts, it helped me think of some ideas. One idea that I would love to see is “Arts in the Park.”  This can […]

Ideas for Bangor by 2020

1. Google Fiber Some cities have started to offer this amazing service, and it’s definitely an attraction. It would make a difference for person to decide whether to live in Brewer or Bangor if they had the option of stupendously fast internet. As we know, more people would result in more property tax, and as […]

Five things Bangor can do by 2020

1) Bridge the gap between Bangor and Orono: Having a late night bus, especially on weekends, to go from Orono to Bangor would help students get to know Bangor more and experience the nightlife there. Ben Sprague also thought it would be beneficial for Bangor to have a college feel to it. 2) Google Fiber: […]